A great company portal transforms the way you work.

It can empower communication, encourage collaboration, and bring everyone a bit closer. Choosing SharePoint as the platform for that portal is a good start, especially with the advent of Office 365 and its huge, integrated set of available tools. SharePoint is such a feature-rich and powerful tool, however, that it can be confusing and difficult.

A tool should make a job faster, easier, or better. How can SharePoint be used to build an intranet, a portal, that supports better communication and collaboration in your organization? How can you get good—or GREAT!—results?

I believe the best strategy for success is mastery of the basics. My dad was a jack-of-all-trades with a grade 6 education and limited resources. In the 1970’s he decided to move his young family off the grid. He bought a used fishing scow and with little experience and less money, built a floating home. He accomplished this with some help from friends and family, and by mastery of basic tools.